Thursday, 31 March 2011

Using the brains and the ears.

Hey sorry for the pop up window if you get it. I'm ninternet stalking (at least) one of you and it is an evil necessity. I'll get shot of it in a minute no worries.

So I take it you're like, all hopping up n down in your short pants, tongue stuck out waving to the side of your face as you eye up your EQ options on whatever the hell you're using - don't tell me I don't care!? :P
(No, do tell, because if I use similar I'll be all high fives and if I stopped using it years ago I can snicker at you, but, on the other hand, if I want it and can't afford it I'll be squinty eyed and bitter - so maybe don't).

Nah. Not yet there snapper. Still more boring annoying lecturing to sit through.


Look I have no problem whatsoever listening to your stuffs and telling you what I think. I love it.
MAXIMOOM POWAH does some cool dj mixin', as does Eeeelektreeek Addeeekt (that's in robot voice) and I love Ed-word's poetry. That's just my opinion however (and I say that especially because they are my buds (*pound* you guys) - note I didn't mention SKINNERZ' art because he has stopped visiting and never read a fucking word of the blog in the first place!), and no matter how much (or little - more like) technical knowledge I have, my opinion isn't worth JACK SHIT FUCK ALL when it comes to YOUR creative output.
I may as well be telling you I fancy your granny or your hawwwt 19 y.o. sister.
It's up to YOU to want to bone these chicks to make it worth your while persisting with their seduction.

Besides which, when can you ever truly believe someone's opinion? You know yourself you are a lying cunt at least half the time you give an opinion. If you hate it and are being 'honest' you'll say 'That's not my bag, man, but it's good if you like that kind of thing' (note: EVERYTHING is 'good' if you like THAT KINDA THING) or if you think it's weak you'll pick out at least one strength and say 'RIGHT ON man I loved when you twiddled the thing and the other thing went boop', or if it's strong you might pick a flaw in it so it can be improved (to YOUR FUCKING TASTE dickweed) and if you hate the person you might diss it completely even if it's the best thing evrorr because you just are that kind of jealous asshole.

Point? I think you get it. BE CONTENT with your own output. Sure run it by motherfuckers. Don't expect genuine feedback though. Voluntary feedback is probably a little more trustworthy (but really not worth the data protocol it's printed on). Better yet is sitting WITH someone and just feel FEELINGS. Are you proud? Embarrassed at certain bits? Take note of YOUR feelings at the time because you will instantly be seven billion times more objective about your own work when there is an audience. But also be aware of their physical response in the moment (their facial expression/body language etc. Do they jiggle - in awkwardness or in enjoyment? Do they smile, nod or maybe head bang and RAWK FINGAHZ? Do they perhaps laugh at an inappropriate juncture and point at you and just not stop fucking laughing even when you break down in tears and beg them with your face buried in their crotch to just please stop laughing at me, just... just please PLEASE stop?)

But above all YOU enjoy it and feel that it's worthy of more work YOURSELF, k?


Regarding technical issues (we touched on this last time) with YOUR SPECIFIC set up. Just know it yourself. People can help to a degree, but it's up to you to put in the work and research necessary to figure shit out. Play with it, trouble shoot/problem solve. Use your MINDlogixx to fix and customise your own gear.

If that fails there is a BRAND NEW SERVICE!!! available to you.
Write your query on a postcard and submit it to 'The Magic Google Machine In The Sky'. You should hear back with a comprehensive list of resources to check within 2-3 weeks.

Best of luck!


  1. yea i get it...was pretty weird for a blog stuff

  2. Good post, good information. Altho I must say you are very open with how you speak lol :P.

  3. Yo. Dude Numero Uno, FFS why don't you just shut the...

    Just kidding. You got to HAMMER this shit HOME man! You have to BLUDGEON PEOPLE into submission with the knowledge or it won't get nearz the brains.

  4. Such a dirty little stalker.... that is my only input.

    I <345 YOU!!!

  5. The best thing to do when making any kind of art is to make it for yourself. If you put your heart and soul into it, people will notice and appreciate it.

  6. jokes on you, my ears wont matter cause i dont have decent monitors D:

  7. some good advice here. reminds me of the song by audioslave - be yourself ;) and you mentioned me OH EM GEE! lol

    best post yet me thinks

  8. "Besides which, when can you ever truly believe someone's opinion? You know yourself you are a lying cunt at least half the time"

    This is so unbelievably true, wow.

  9. How do you do the pop-up window? do you get moneys for it? How do I get it? :P

  10. No cash. It's a hidden pageview/tracker (I guess they make a penny or two every pop up from it).
    I'm thinking of keeping it for all the delicious information-data it gives me about you lot. e.g. How long you stay, what you click, what your cats name is ('Kiwi') etc.

  11. * cat's.

    For instance ELEXERDEXXERLEXERLEX : why haven't you upgraded to FF4 yet?
    The refresh button is on the other side. So annoying.

  12. More people should read these posts!

  13. haha great read. just followed you for more

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    1. Well, that poem wasn't typed out by no monkey, I'll tell ya that much.

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