Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What a morning & thank fuck for xanax.


(Not World of Warcraft you geeky fuck! ha sorry if I'm offending any WoW players I'm sure it is a very consuming addictive game God only knows (that song is on now MAZIN!MAZINMAZINMAZIN!) I would probably get suckered in if I tried it and wasn't spending all my time making KWOLLITTY tunage).

Everyone get Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds Sessions' set and listen to disc three. It's just a heart-fuck. Wilson is a fucking genius. And I well up listening to those words and incredible (ASTOUNDINGLY well produced) harmonies.
Disc 3 is mostly accapella. And it's just ethereally achingingly heart floodingly WONDERFUL. Especially today.
Especially today.
Especially today.
Especially today.
Especialy today.
Especially today.
Especially today.
Especially toooooday!

So I woke up... somewhere. And I was pretty cold and uncomfortable. And alone - with some fuzzy notion that there was supposed to be someone else with me but that didn't make any sense so I put it out of my head and got back to my apartment.
My mouth tasted like a rat's fucking intestine but my mouthwash was gone. Like I had a third of a bottle yesterday. (I didn't did I? Yeah, I guess I must've.)
As some of you know I drank pretty heavy yesterday. My head was BANGING! I made myself a bucket of coffee and switched on the PC. I cursed myself for finishing the cheap scotch because I could have really done with a healthy shot of it in the coffee.

I knew there was no way I was doing any music so I went straight to the blogging (I also wanted to check had I said anything embarrassing when I was drunk).

Followers of Erika's blog - brbgoinginsane.blogspot.com/ - will have a good idea of what went down.
If you don't, maybe you should check it and save me having to fucking type the whole story out here ffs.
Long story short I posted, in my drunken stupor, some freaky stalker shit on her blog.
I fucking panicked. I was already shaky and sweaty enough from the booze. I actually got up and RAN around the apartment. I fucking RAN AROUND MY APARTMENT for like five minutes and collapsed in a crumpled heap on the floor. Then I popped a xanax. It had to be done. I'd been saving it for a special occasion, but fuck it. Desperate times. (Effects are just wearing off now...mmm still fizzlywarmjumbly feeling.)

So as I waited for the fucker to kick in I just tried breathing deep and steady. I braced myself for the worst, but... She didn't mind! Can you credit that?! She didn't mind! In fact she seemed to kind of *like* me for it. <3!!!!

THEN I realize a bunch of you guys are diggin' my drunken ramblings!
That's pretty unexpected, I am a 'sardonic, caustic and sarcastic' (that's in the DISCLAIMER I am *still* not getting around to posting (ffs)).. fuck, so getting shit like

I don't even know you PryON, but i love you dude.
By JaksonHunt
...is pretty incredible to me. (And OF COURSE the whole Erika thing - that just blows my freaking mind!)

Right? But it gets better!
Just a bit ago I have a quick peek 'n' flick in my blog update window and I see my name! I'm all huh? So I click in to the blog.

I do recall hitting up an Electro music blog and digging the selections. Well. Apparently I was the 200th follower. So I guess the guy checked unsoundsound and he dug it too!
So he goes and writes me up in his post!
My brain is all W T fucketty F right now. Fucking incredible.
How does starting a stoopid sound engineer tips blog (while even stupidlier DRUNK) IMMEDIATELY result in my whole shitstain life turning around? !?!?!?!?!!???

Electric Addict, thanks man!
The post is at 
electricaddict.blogspot.com/2011/03/200-followers.html - btw

[edit - just listened to his first mix on here:

- and it was pretty fucking good (as long as you like dance music. His voice is a bit sexy too, maybe as long as you like men, but no, fuck that he has a sexy voice. There I said it. MANNNN... two beers and I'm already losing it. OK BLOG OFF NOW before more crazy shit happens.... fuhhhhck!]

So FUCKING WOW! If I'd've known blogging was like this I'd have started years ago. And I haven't even said THING NUMERO FUCKING UNO about sound engineering [edit: except don't drink doing it. Don't blog drunk kids - or FUCKING ALWAYS BLOG DRUNK - not sure which.] Hahaha!

So I don't know what I can do to express my gratitude. Also I'm starting to fade so I better lie down (not sure I will be able to sleep, but if I do I will be having the loveliest fuzzy dreams in the world.

K. Here - I did an image search for 'lovely fuzzy'. This one caught my eye, so here, you can have it.

Ha. And I shouldn't but I think I will have a few beers later to celebrate this glorious day! (Maybe Belgian or Polish beer, to answer your question Erika. <3).

Cool, I'm out. Back in a while. Peasout all y'all.

Oh yeah, P.S. also I checked all your blogs if you left a comment - really cool stuff out there people. Sorry if the comments back on your stuff was weird I was pretty out of it on the xanax!


  1. thanks for the plug and the sexy voice comment haha

    this post is highly entertaining :) keep it up!

  2. Cool man. Thanks for coming back. Going to log off any second now (this is so addictive - I hope I don't come back on later properly drunk or anything) and play some PS2... if I can focus on it.

    I said some stuff in the comments of that mix - I dunno if you saw that.

  3. Stare Dad. If I can get like a couple bucks in my paypal then I can go on ebay and buy something. Get some bargain or some shit. I'm sorry I know it looks fucking SHIT (except for the ballerinas I FUCKING <3 those twirly ballerina ones - I stare at them at think about algebra and then they turn the other way and I get freaked out but it's really cool - try it) but any chance I have at being able to just BUY SOMETHING COOL ON EBAY I'm just going to grab for it.

    Also there's another blogger that does doodles for a dollar or something.
    I really want one.