Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Once upon a time, a quirky little fanboy had a dream that his heroes Thomas and Guy were whispering a Love Song into each ear. It was syncopation incarnate.
 This is what it sounded like:

Digital Love PryON Dreamix
By Daft Punk (as if you need reminding). This is dreamy.
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Ryan Peter Lee ...and yes, that boy was me.
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Ryan Peter Lee Some time latyer that post-Pinocchio Peter Pan became a 'man child'. The operation afforded him some cyborgtronix to be embedded in his bwainz.
He travelled far across Computer Worlds aplenty.

Computer Worlds PryON edit
It's all by Kraftwerk, if you didn't know. I hope this is cool with their robo-souls.

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Ryan Peter Lee He left that Earth soaring on blissful vox and pounding machinery.

The Bells - Rat Chase PryON Re Edit (Vocal Dub)
Thought it would be cool to edit the structure of Bells backwards. It's by Jeff ...See more

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Ryan Peter Lee And landed in a place not far from Motor City, on a Street called Hubbard.


Some call it "Cuckoo Lane" and they aren't wrong....See More
Freaks On Hubbard PryON 33.333 Remix
Found my Freeeks remix! wooot dugga boom chugga blink blonk Original tune by DJ Rush - no dis intended luv u Isiah

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Ryan Peter Lee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRJOk7z4mws
Daft Punk Give Life Back To Music - [2013]

Sunday, 9 September 2012

17 Seconds

Just trying to relax.
Shit is fucking stressful at times. Fun at times. It's a rooller fucking coaster and I'll ride that fucker until the rail runs out and we drop a thousand miles or meters or whatever it takes to kill.

I like suicide.
Fuck it I like it.
I've never done it actually. Might have tried stfu.
But I caught one of them films I seen already about Ian CCurtis the other night and a few other things very much related to suicide the next few days. Made me wonder.

I'd recently downed a shit ton of whiskey and for no decent reason grabbed at a three-blade loaded blade to try and rip those fuckers out and drag em across my wrists.

I recalled appalled in the morning, wondering why the fuck I would contemplate such a thing. But I did. But I couldn't extract the blades (design I guess) so I just went and fell asleep drunk on the sofa.

On the whiskey tonight I was 'surfing youtube'. came across http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4bAL95za0I&feature=related

Left a comment:

Joy Division rip off.
Ian is dead and beautiful.
Fuck, Robert... fucking ouch! wtf happened you to yourself? At least Ian Curtis had the good sense to kill himself ffs!

Left a comment - wait I saidf that (I was onthe whiskey member?>)
It's good music. But Rob should have either killed or reinvented himself that's all. Fuckin Jesus Roibert. Fuckin hell. alruight back to the booze. gnight.

Friday, 31 August 2012

generally disgruntled

So now I'm mildy specifically disgruntled. Music not quite loud enough - FNM Jizzlobber, shit quality etc.
But I was going to dedicate to Gen Dist. and fuck you man. Don't reply to me. Don't be on the fucking internet or shit.
Fuck you.
I was going to write a glowing report of you in spite of that fact I hadn't got to read your awesome stuffs properly but you're still hanging around like the bad smell I fucking know you are.
The kind of bad smell that some woman would fucking suck up through her lady-bits or could infiltrate a whole bar in such a way people would take notice - in a 'good' way (or probably bad, but some could fucking adore).

I appreciate it, I DO, but you're something I'll never really get to because I'm only on line once in a while. MOTHERFUCKER you're worth a shit ton more than that.

I think that's all I can say. ffs fuck OFF. I love you.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dun got my shit togethah

Hey there fuckoes [if anyone is indeed paying attention].
So I've been *relatively* sober lately... wow.
Been working on my youtube channel - youtube.com/user/unsoundsoundinfo
I got me a girly and all the things!

Yeah we never saw any of that coming. What a boring cunt I am becoming. I was reading my 'gin night post' and the aftermath. Some insane shit right there. Very unhealthy altogether, not that I regret a fucking second of it.
Not to go into detail, but I actually wouldn't be in the position I'm in now if not for that night.

Might be moving out of this crumby apartment, might even get a job. Maybe not, who knows? And even if I don't, I'm pretty content with how things are for the moment (yeah, not to tempt fate and suggest it will all fuck up in my face... *grimace face*).

To paraphrase Waits in 'Cigarettes and Coffee' - the best thing about 'quitting' is knowing you can have another one, so who knows?.. for old times' sake soon I might just get fucking sloshed and spend a night on here, reconnecting properly with all y'all and give you a good old dose of the good old PryON doing what I do best.

peace, bitches

P.S. Sorry about the popup ads, but I really can't be arsed finding out how to remove them, so CLICKEM! Not even sure where the account is or my login or how to get any money I definitely haven't made enough of, but click 'em anyway DO IT!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Giving something back.

I can't believe some of you morons still pay attention when I post. It's been well over a year since I started ranting here, and ten fucking MONTHS since I stopped posting with any regularity whatsoever, and yet a couple of you even take the time to comment if I post. Wow.

But I appreciate it you adorable motherfuckers. It wawrms mah bawls like a crack whore's mouth on a hot July night (guess what I'm doing / having done to me right now bitches?)

And so, I finally deliver to you a piece of recording I made. I only did it because a certain lecherous bitch who shall remain named Erika kept banging on about it to me*.

I even went to the fuse box to shut off the fridge to record this so you better fucking dig it fuckoes.

Oh look, I fucking embedded a video

*Don't tell anyone - I think it's supposed to be 'on the qt/dl/stfu about it', but we run a blog now at ushouldblogaboutit.blogger.com
Looks gay as hell right now because it's just thrown up there and I was feeling a six year old... I mean LIKE a six year old girl when I chose the colours.
That's where the 'inspiration' behind this recording came from sort of... actually I told her I'd had been singing the high pitched fucking chimpster version when she said 'you should blog about it'. Fuck it, flame me hard for this one muchachos.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Playing Out

Yeah, so I'm taking a break from six months or more of 'not having internet' and 'sucking cock for cans of  specialbrew' to conclude this horrendous pile of unreadable crap.

You're a dj, blah yadda watevs, you have your tunes - ready to play out. Play them in he right order. Surprise people but don't fuck them off. Stick to your plans but be prepared to completely change them and never EVER play a request unless a) you warily think it actually works better than your current idea and know where to go next or b) you have no fucking idea what to play next anyway - then scramble in desperation  for that record and make a new (idiot) friend.

Play them in the right order.

Look, don't plan your WHOLE SET you spanner. Sounds shit-hot to one person only. You.
...In your bedroom...
 NOT 50+ people in a social environment ffs. Their mood will change, and often according to your playlist. Your preciously prepped list might leave them wondering wtf is going on and where the night went so fucking STUPIT when you drop that 'genius' free jazz number that worked so well, alone, to you... alone... between Nick Cave and grinding techno.

At most have 'mini sets' you can switch up to suit the atmosphere. Other than that, play knowing what's next up and what might probably follow and two suitable directions you can go from there. (And know how to find all those musics - have them all ready and 'marked' as you go, in whatever way you see fit - vinyl dj's often prop certain records up in the box, at 45 degrees for example).
Point being, no matter how 'tailor made' your set is, it might tick your crowd off. You may have misread them before even knowing them. Or... their collective mood might change (some cunt might turn up with ketamine for everyone... let's see how your 'current popular music' goes down then knobbo).

Be ready to switch that shit up. KNOW YOUR TUNES so that you can change direction if necessary... and above all:

Play them in the right order, shithead.

Don't play your aMAZEbawllz slammin trax off the bat you doof. Warm up to something kicking, ease off and so on and save the good shit for last. (BEEP! Be prepared NOT to play those sacred tunes because in the moment, you know in your deepest soulheart that it won't work *sadface*)

Yes, I know noone is dancing and a 'floor filler' will 'fill he floor' but if you can't follow up don't fucking bother - that's a bigger let down for everyone than if you're just playing tunes people can enjoy background (yeah, what a horrible idea - fucking IMAGINE if you played songs which didn't compel people to suck each other off because they're 'that good' GIMME A FUCKING BREAK you are there to entertain).  As long as people don't leave the room en masse, every annoying fucker who crosses the empty dancefloor to say 'quality choon man' is a fucking BONUS.
If you get people dancing you are not God of their fucking night as much as you wish you were. You can lose them just as quick.
Play the sawngs in the right order and stfu.

If you mess up, fix it.
If it's a minor fuck up, just lead back to solid ground - where people were at LEAST tapping their fucking feet.
If it's major, pull that shit. GET IT OFF dammit. Quit being so precious. Surprisingly not EVERYONE spontaneous-orgasms constantly to all ten minutes of Rez by Underworld (again, *sadface*). More power to you if you scratch the needle over the disc as if to say, "YOU KNOW WHAT?! YOU ARE ALL CORRECT, I SUCK, HERE IS SOME ERASURE!' - so at least the homo's, metro's and faghags can enjoy a bit of something before you go try playing your Mr. Bungle/Neil Landstrumm mash-up you misguided, self-important shitface.

You are here to play music for the people. And unless for some demented reason they came to see *you*, you must play THEIR music at THEIR pace but hopefully with a decent sense of what works when (because they have no idea, trust me).
Work them and mould them further into their own buzz.
If they are gurning to fuck on MDMA, toy with them with the boomboom,  let it RIP... and calm them the fuck down before doing it again even harder.
If they are drunk, hold off on the anthems until that point where they're all just about to flag, then revel in watching them all spring to life as they encircle eachother, arms flailing about strangers' shoulders as if they go so far back they might have played with each others' pee when they were 6.
etc. etc. play your crowd. PLAY THEM!

Play *with* them, *FOR* them and play them like the mindless fickle puppets they are... but bear it all in mind, they might just develop a more discerning taste than even yours and walk off your 'floor and out of the room. And trust me, the most depressing performance experience is dj-ing to an empty room. Even 'performance art' of trying to suck your own dick alone in front of a mirror (as frustrating as it can be) is more rewarding.

This is tough. The manager might give you warning or just cut your power at exactly 2.30 AM. Or may allow an 'encore'... or the crowd might not even chant "WAN MO CHOON!"
Either way, if you do any planning of your set (don't do too much srs), save a couple of *appropriate* tracks you think will work at the end and, yet, as always, be prepared to switch it up. 
At that point you're either on a high from success or don't give a fuck anyway, so w/e, but just bear in mind it's your last chance to leave an impression.
At this point you may choose to replay a certain track.
If you *know* this is going to work, then do it. Otherwise NEVER replay. Even any given artist. NEVEREVEREVEREVEREVR unless [insert exceptions].

Well done Mr. DJ [I'm not being sexist, bitch, DJ's are 'men', even if they have clits so stfu vagina crotch].
And now it's time to reap your rewards!
FUCK is it!
Haha. The manager will be 'unavailable' to pay you.
All those hotties you flirted with have long since been 'escorted' home by total douches and you are left alone with your music and three random jackets people asked you to look after and forgot to pick up.

Maybe there's something of value in the jackets.
Otherwise, pack up, go home, alone... with a thumping head but still crank* yourself to sleep to a few tunes when you get there because, fuck it, MUSIC.

*crank - v. and n. - combination of wank (masturbation) and cry.