Friday, 31 August 2012

generally disgruntled

So now I'm mildy specifically disgruntled. Music not quite loud enough - FNM Jizzlobber, shit quality etc.
But I was going to dedicate to Gen Dist. and fuck you man. Don't reply to me. Don't be on the fucking internet or shit.
Fuck you.
I was going to write a glowing report of you in spite of that fact I hadn't got to read your awesome stuffs properly but you're still hanging around like the bad smell I fucking know you are.
The kind of bad smell that some woman would fucking suck up through her lady-bits or could infiltrate a whole bar in such a way people would take notice - in a 'good' way (or probably bad, but some could fucking adore).

I appreciate it, I DO, but you're something I'll never really get to because I'm only on line once in a while. MOTHERFUCKER you're worth a shit ton more than that.

I think that's all I can say. ffs fuck OFF. I love you.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dun got my shit togethah

Hey there fuckoes [if anyone is indeed paying attention].
So I've been *relatively* sober lately... wow.
Been working on my youtube channel -
I got me a girly and all the things!

Yeah we never saw any of that coming. What a boring cunt I am becoming. I was reading my 'gin night post' and the aftermath. Some insane shit right there. Very unhealthy altogether, not that I regret a fucking second of it.
Not to go into detail, but I actually wouldn't be in the position I'm in now if not for that night.

Might be moving out of this crumby apartment, might even get a job. Maybe not, who knows? And even if I don't, I'm pretty content with how things are for the moment (yeah, not to tempt fate and suggest it will all fuck up in my face... *grimace face*).

To paraphrase Waits in 'Cigarettes and Coffee' - the best thing about 'quitting' is knowing you can have another one, so who knows?.. for old times' sake soon I might just get fucking sloshed and spend a night on here, reconnecting properly with all y'all and give you a good old dose of the good old PryON doing what I do best.

peace, bitches

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