Sunday, 27 March 2011


Hello all.
I am 'Wrongwrongwrong' (obviously that is not even my real nickname - I guess PryON just thought it would be funny).
I am a close friend of PryON.
A few days ago he emailed me and sent the link to this blog. I read much of it and was alarmed by my friend's state of mental health.

He has had issues in the past, but it was believed he was very much dealing with them and, in spite of some alcohol issues, staying focussed on being healthy.

Due to my own commitments I had been unable to meet him face to face to discuss this latest 'turn'.

He was supposed to meet with family today. I received a phone call this afternoon and immediately checked this blog.

PryON said...

shshsh k? the guy from the club is in the room and i don't wat him to know i am typing this. he is some sort of conduit for god. he says i have a beautiful soul and technolgy darkens it but he will make it light again. so this might be the last you hear from me ever. igo to him now He calls.

This was posted at about 3AM GMT (unsure because not sure of time difference especially because 'Summer' time came in to effect last night here - clocks forward one hour).

It's not known what nightclub he is referring to or who this 'guy from the club' is.
Obviously friends and family alike are following all leads.
I have volunteered to follow any leads through the blog.
I guessed his password quite easily (it was his favourite fortified beer - since been changed) and have 'hacked' his account to follow these leads.

First stop was Erika's blog. (I will be following up with you directly Erika as soon as I have this posted).
It would seem PryON and Erika have been developing a very intense connection. It's not known the extent to which this has to do with his recent disappearance, but I found this comment on one of her posts:

 PryON said...

K. I am listening to the Clash and everything for you now Erika. But I went to the club tongiht and - on my own but this guy was there and this Clash song is shit I am forwarding to the netx Augustus Pablo that's ok.
So this guy was all clued in to the universe an d shit and he was looking in to my eyes for AGES AND and he was reading my soul THROUGH MY EYES and he could tell whaty Life was and where it was headed (Back to the river he said.
back to the river)
So he said cause I was talking about you a lot.
He sais that this is not the way for me. And he touched me he touched my face and I have e never been touched like that that way by another human being. And he looked in my eyes and he told me THE TRUTH. And I can't tr te I can't say it here now but I THINK I KNOW IT NOW!
And anyway I had to come on and tell you that I KNOW AND I KNOW EVERYTHING YOU A RE ABOUT AND YOU WON'T GET ME! or.. I mean that I dunno what I mean I do love you but the man is waiting in my room and i just realised i am typing so loud he will know shhhh okay. i better go to him now.
i think i am not allowed to but i feel for you i'm sorry if you never hear from me again but i need to know the 'truth'. I will go to Him now.
3/27/2011 3:15 AM 

I appeal to all PryON's blog friends with any leads whatsoever to come forward with any informtaion regardless of how trivial.

His friends and family are very worried.

We are hoping that he has voluntarily chosen to seek Erika out rather than a worse scenario (which seems hinted at in these comments).

Please, please come forward with anything.
I will be checking his mail / blog account continually as much as humanly possible.

thanks in advance,

PryON's mother called me minutes ago.
She received a phone call from him.
He seemed disjointed and distant but he said he was safe.
He claimed to have had food and a bed to sleep in. 
When pushed for an answer he said 'no one here is hurting me'.

When asked would he come home he said 'I can't right now to you, but I am going home and will bring home to you'.
(or similar - she was understandably too upset to recall exact phrasing).

That's all we have for now, apparently it was difficult enough to get more than incoherent babble.

He has spoken through the week - in email to me,  a lot about a number of you.
I will need to check back to see who exactly (besides Erika, who has been great, thanks so much) and I may contact you directly.
Thanks to all who read and respond to this.
Fingers crossed,


  1. I am actually crying my eyes out right now....

    I hope he's okay. The last time I heard from him was the comment he left on my blog (which you posted just now).

    I really hope, he's okay. I will let you know if anything turns up or if he's emailed me.

    Thank you for caring about my baybee enough to do all this btw. I really appreciate it. I just hope he hasn't done anything silly. I posted something a bit mean about him earlier, calling him a cunt, and I really hope that he didn't read that and take it the wrong way....

    Oh PryON.... WHERE ARE YOU??? =[

  2. I wish I had some information for you. I hope he turns out alright.

  3. Thank you Meghan.

    And Erika;
    PryON was not using his main email account for this blog, so if he can, he will be able to contact me, family and other friends through that.
    I will keep in touch with you using the email account he created for this blog.

    Please don't persecute yourself over this. We all need to stay strong and do all we can to find him.

  4. Just please keep me updated. I want to know the moment you hear from him.

    Send his friends and family my sympathies for me. For I know exactly how they feel.....

    And if you're reading this, PryON, wherever you are, please just come home. I miss you and I didn't mean what I said about you on my blog. I love you so so so so much.....

  5. Erika thanks for your concern. I have emailed you so we can keep in touch that way. I have detailed what you can help with and obviously, you are central in this turn of events, so I hope you will cooperate with me on this for the sake of PryON, friends and family. (Thanks I just got your reply while typing this).

    PryON has had issues in the past and come through.
    I am sure he will also pull through this one so don't over concern yourself, any of you. Hopefully everything will be fine.

  6. whoa wth, hope everything is alright

  7. Omg I was so shocked when I read this, I have put pryON on most of the Missing Peoples sites I could find, hopefully someone will come forward after seeing them. This is the only blog I followed! I even wrote a poem for my one and only.

    Are you free?
    Or are you trapped with those
    whose vengence, is not of God?
    Who even some, were bound by jealousy,
    with eyes that fixed you in formulated phrase-
    words expressing the tenderness of age,
    while murmuring prayers of which...
    were not meant for thee.
    From the closed door- the cold heart...
    are you free?

    Are you bound?
    Restrained by laws of earth and mind-
    meanings upon meanings, with no reason found?
    For what plagued the minds of so many, do still...
    one face, that bares no soul to feel.
    And through all uncertainties,
    their hearts were sealed.
    For through doubt and fear, no life is sound.
    Nights are stirred in unrest, their unholy vows,
    to seek out with vengence, while yet somehow,
    forget the leaves, that fall so clear,
    that in unseen ways... you made come down.

    Grief, too sad for song or word,
    so touches the few left, and I've heard,
    chatters amongst the paper stars,
    who hold their titles high to see,
    and wrote you, to a world of hypocrisy.
    I come here alone, to stand with thee.
    From where I am... there you are.
    Oh, bright red rose, tell me silently...

    are you free pryON are you free my love?

    Please come back soon to us pryON.

    Love your #1 follower.

  8. Thank you for your concern.
    No news yet, but I will make a new post and check on your blogs while I wait to hear anything.

  9. And especially thanks to Emelio for a very heart-felt (and excellently written) poem.
    It would be great if he was to check here and see such a thing.

  10. He will be able to see it! I have had people responding to the missing person sites <3

  11. Thanks Emelio for all your effort.
    If he gains Internet access I am hoping he will check in with us here.

    Anything that will help is good.

    Obviously his real name and details are out there and the police have been informed and 'are looking into it' now.

    Family are considering posters at the moment.

  12. Who the fuck are you, Emilio?

    Although I am very grateful for your concern, I'll have you know now that I am PryON's #1 follower. I've never even heard of you....

    You must be some psycho exbitch, PryON and I are in love and if you can't see that, then you are nothing but a dumb whore. PryON doesn't love you and I just hope you realise that.

    When PryON comes back I'm sure he'll set things straight with you, and prove to the world how in love we really are so don't fucking get the wrong idea and think that just because you've helped out in the PryON search a little bit that he's gunna come running into your arms. That's what I'm here for.

    And btw.
    Your poem sucks.

  13. Also, bitch, look what I've just found:

    You completely ripped off that poem, didn't you. So your sympathy isn't even genuine enough for you to write your own poem for PryON. Obviously I love him more..... I'm writing my own poem for PryON at the moment. And it will be original. So yeah, fuck you.

  14. Erika. I know you are very emotional but there is no use in causing a stir.

    All help is very appreciated.
    Please let's not get side-tracked.

    I won't censor anyone's comments but I suggest you *just* email me directly as we have been doing Erika.
    You've been great so far in keeping it together and helping invaluably. x

    To the others, please stay focussed on the tast at hand! Again, any help at all is very much appreciated.

  15. PryON, oh, PryON...
    You left me here
    with no shoulder to CryON.

    Oh, how I miss your drunken posts,
    the sincerity in your words,
    when you say you love me the most.

    What Emilio doesn't seem to understand
    is that she's a cunt
    and I'm your #1 fan.....

  16. Thanks Erika the sentiment is generally good in that poem. PryON will appreciate it when (hopefully) he gets to to read it.

  17. :S I hope he is ok...and that this isnt just one of cruel jokes (hope so)

  18. You really are some cunt WRONGWRONGWRONG.
    I just can't get over what an overreacting panicky bitch you are. Jeez. And I was perfectly FUCKING COHERENT on the phone to my mother FFS. I had to be fucking DISCREET is all, they were monitoring the call. SPANNER.
    *reading comments now*

  19. LOOK what you did to Erika. There isn't an expletive. There just aren't words... Man I am now so fucking annoyed again I had chilled out a bit after read fuck it... I'll read all the comments first. brb

  20. "I will keep in touch with you using the email account he created for this blog."
    Yeah I'd say you would alright you poaching sleazebag. And I suppose you didn't RAPE my inbox/sent items and chatlog for a nice WANK WHILE YOU WERE AT IT you dirty old bastard.

  21. K. This is a lot to digest but I'm going to be brief for flippin' once.

    Erika you are my hero. £>

    Emelio thanks for your 'effort' I'm spoken for.
    Erika was, is and will forever be my #1. Sorry. :I (Keep following though k? Just I STRONGLY ADVISE to stay out of her face she will scratch your fuckin' chav-eyes out). Also, physically Emelio?... nah.

    WRONGWRONGWRONG you are a moron. You know this already.

    Everyone else. Thanks for your concern.

  22. Oh Id doo mor than scartch her eyes out, darlin