Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday. Fuck yes!

It's Friday bitches!


Yeah I know I don't have a 'job' but Friday is Friday and I've really got my Friday buzz on.

As such, no lesson or homework to worry about. You can revise previous posts if you're feeling particularly nerdy, but don't!

Instead let's do a field trip.
Now I don't give a fuck what you're going to say about this. I have one of those unfaltering beliefs that I get about maybe one or two things ever (one is that Jimi Hendrix is the closest thing humanity has ever witnessed to a 'God').

Skrillex is as big as heavy metal. Dubstep is pretty big with the kids right now, but Skrillex is beyond a mere music genre.
That kid can not only make some incredible music, but his tunes are LOUD, INYERFACE, WELL MIXED. Just his production alone gives me the sexwee dribbles. Even if you think it's not 'your thing' (and it fucking better be) it is VERY WORTH checking out this kid's mad production skillz.

I'm going to screencap a set list now for you kiddos.
And if you know what's good for ya you will find these tunes, and stickem in this order at a pretty fucking LOUD volume to celebrate Friday with me.

Let's do this ladies.

Get out ya seat and jump around. (I have already - fer seriuss been out my seat pumping arms headbanging and generally pretending like I am that 22 year old genius - man I am so jealous of that cunt... seething with envy at the talent).



  1. btw that set list is all HD youtube rips. So you should need look no further than the 'toob to find 'em.

  2. nice list it's Friday fun fun fun

  3. Josh posted a Skrillex new track. It is called Equinox. It was taken off his blog though.

    One of the few dubstep artists I love, although he is more part dub part electro.

  4. Yep. He mixes the genres and creates something rather special.
    I heard Equinox earlier in the week.
    I'm not as impressed by it as the stuff in that list.
    Must pop by JAWSH anyway.

    Sound buddy have a good un.

  5. love skrillex and definitely jelly of his life

  6. i'ma checkout those tracks, thanks!

  7. Yuh. Whateverz EriKUHHH, like, what would you know?
    Three words EriKUHH.
    "I'm blue dabadeedabadi" :P (can't belive I just read over half the wiki article on that song).

    In anyways you totally said you loved the Cinema remix so buh EriKUH. Like whatever dood.

  8. It's wierd. Not sure if he is overrated

  9. skrillex is good but I'm tired of shitty scene kids (friends of friends on facebook) calling their last name 'skrillex'. fuck those girls. Anyways, speaking of girls, I thought you might like to rate my mix i made for the ladies. I feel I never make enough shit for the ladies to dance too, so here's my attempt pumping up the estrogen. Yeah I realize there's like a part at 9:40 where it could have been better. Well I'm fucking mixing live fuck fuck I want skrillexs money :P I probably spam you daily but wtv.

  10. I was busy rocking out to a hurdy gurdy when Skrillex was playing upstairs. I will not apologize.

  11. I also read that wikipedia article the other day when I was singing it to myself. We are sad, sad people...

    I have a PryON. And he is so blue. <3

  12. Thanks for the recommendations! I'll have to check those artists out.

  13. You all seemed really hyped on skrillex, I'll have to check it out.

  14. Good list. Also WOOOO love me a good Friday.

  15. Skrillex is fucking awesome!!!!!!

    I tell you you have the good idea!!