Tuesday, 28 June 2011


There's so much shit that bubbles inside of me that I can't disclose.
It hurts a little.

Needless to say - I went on my 'trip'. I wasn't jailed and didn't do much that would warrant such. And I'm back.
And I wish I wasn't back but I am. I would far rather live in the streets and forage for free food wherever and whenever and beg for coins for booze to share with a special companion or two than be here and lost and lonely and have only my bed to comfort me.

I've been sleeping up to 15 hours a day since I got back and looking at only one screen - the snowy tv signal - even snowier since I threw the rabbit ears across the room and haven't bothered since, to position them for a decent signal.

Sorry, I promised my 'come back' post would not be depressing, but sick from the sleep and tv and self-pity, I finally got this machine back up and had to post *something*.

I hope to motivate myself, ignore the down and give a half decent DJ-guide starting pretty soon.

Thanks to those who commented while I was absent

ZombieMrs. PickleedD4Generally DisgruntledZombie (again), Drivebot (maxpower)

Y'all rock. Let's catch up soon.

I don't feel it's over. Let's get this motherfucker rolling.

Also: Steve Reich - Different Trains, am I Reich?