Wednesday, 23 March 2011

soooooo gin drunk right know

so gindrunk right now fuck soryy if all this is weird  my eyes are glued to the keyboard and i have after drinking half a bottle of gin so ...
I was suppose to game but I'll be honestkl  ah.
I know I would be in the same situation SITCHUAYSHUN that I was in yesterday which is  hitting triangle for a map I a H[edit I am talking about a PS2 game now[Q HAVE NO CLUE what is going on . There are all these corridors but no zombie fucks. Like I go through a dorr and there's spooky music so I'm all get tyhe shot gun (because it is a small room) get the shot gut ready but ther but then nothihgngs aha  nothihg no eh then n therre are no zombuies! heh. look .
I know it will will be same tonight and if I p[lay sober  cooole  I will be like "yup you jujst need to go into thje room and get they key and then kill some crows if you ucan and then find the girl ) and anyway...


I fucking know! 

At long last.

Robert Funf saw it and then tore my life apart for like 8 minutes but he is forgiven because it was prettyy amaxing.

K. DISCLAIMER is finalluy up and I spent  too long on here tonight and not being distracted by gaminmg I hope I will not cry [AGAIN!] or anything  (again thank you Robert) K thanks for checking in. I will just collapse and be done now. xxxxcxxxx


  1. Hit's t it's technically not 'zombies' ' PER SE it's Resident Evil. I wil;l check your blog now but them I need to go to sleep ak? Uh Ok or OKAY I guess is what I meant.

  2. Ah k. I'm done now. Thanks, eh I h I wa Did I say I had to spread the document? YOU GET WHAT IS IS YOU FUCKING CUNTS cool I'm done. I did cry. I did NOT get to do any gaming but it's all goood all good I guess see you tomorrowz. *smiley face*

  3. Can't knock the fun of being drunk. Though my eyes would be glued to other sites other than a blog. haha

  4. Pretty coherent for as drunk as you probably are haha. Well done!

  5. i completely understand what you wrote, dont hurt yourself

  6. Oh wow, I haven't played PS2 in fucking years. In fact, I don't think I've played anything at all in a couple months now. Woahh.... brain is in pieces on the floor. I'd pick up the pieces but they seem to be crawling further and further away from me. =c

    Come back! Come backkkkkk!!! D=

  7. Seems like you've been playing the wrong games when your drunk. Can I recommend black ops, specifically the wager games.

  8. you make NO sense dude! I have no clue what I just read, but thanks for sharing :)

  9. will send u some aspirins for later :)

  10. Maybe I just have a PHD in drunk, but I understood that perfectly. Also, no problem. I'm always happy to share art.

  11. Cool everyone, thanks and sorry.
    But maybe not cool Erika? I hope you are ok. I left a comment on your blog to check.
    Your post seems alright, (well - annoying John-cunt :I you should come live with me!) so I think you are ok. Were you just drunk too?!

    And what I was trying to explain - oh yeah. Sorry for calling you all 'cunts' I'm really sorry for that too. That was really shitty of me. The only cunt is Erika's neighbour.

    What I was trying to say in the EXTRA DRUNK COMMENT is that I had to create the document three times because the title was so long the blogspot thing made them go ... so it looks shit, I know, but that was my (kind of clever no?) work around. I HATE having to use work arounds and sellotape everywhere but the fuck can you do?