Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Dear PryON, can you help configure my sehhhhxy new Logic Pro 9 please? No. No I cannot, do piss off.


No EQ lesson today either.

Awwwwwwww boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Yeah, boo fuckin' hoo. LISTEN UP!

We are still on the gear. (Always on the fuckin' GEAR man jack that shit in yo' veins yo. Don't do drugs kids. Drugs are very very bad for you).

But a couple of you had equipment related questions which prompts me to stay the fuck on the subject and get a little sumthin lodged FIRMLY in yizzr brains.

- or maybe just Ed-word had a question. (Wurd, Ed).

The point of REGULARLY caressing, winking at and making sweet sweet lovings with your gear is that YOUR equipment is GOOD ENOUGH! Ooooooooh KAY?

But it's up to YOU to get creative with it and make the most out of its potential.

Everyone out there what perdooces da muziks has a different set up, approach and deals with different genres and recording situations. I'm not going to take each and every motherfucker by the hand and pretend to know shit about their ambient mics and DAW (dawwwww! DAWWWWWWWWWWWW!) .. and DAW's and samplers and sequencers and all that happy shit. I will recommend software and hardware from time to time but what you do to get dem sounz on 'tape' is your own damn business!

Anything dealt with here generally applies across the board (unless it doesn't). A mixing desk is also referred to as a 'board' so that was one of those unfunny but mildly clever puns. BAM!


Do get this straight. When you are recording/'constructing' just fuck off and leave me alone. (Ah, I'm juzz kiddn, hit me up, just - ) I'm not going to talk about specific gear here because like ONE of you uses ableton live, another records vocals using a Rode NTK microphone in the shower with carpet everywhere, and someone else goes on mad long hikes in the mountains with a ZOOM H4 portable recorder to collect field recordings and mix them on a 24-track reel-to-reel in a professional studio so what's the fucking point. iKr?

GOOD FUCKING LUCK with UTILISING YOUR EQUIPMENT and getting the most out of it. You can DO IT!
Just use your magickle brain-logic and creative streak and you will capture/create wonderful sounds and come to me all

wootie woo! Check mah sooper instrumentz and voxxes and and all the drum patch!! and everything! I'm so excited I could drop a big scummy turd right here n now hooopley doop! YAYAYAYAY!

And I will respond, well, that IS rather wonderful. Shall we proceed to make the most out of this audio you have that is FULLY FUCKING FINISHED  
- stop... 
STAWWWWP dicking around with it now, k.
It's FULLY FUCKING FINISHED and ready for the mix.

And you will say yessir! Let's do this! But then be very patient with the process because there is a LOT to learn and take in to get the most from your audio, k?


Good. Simply fantastic. We'll get stuck into all that shit soon, promise.


  1. So true... i have a microkorg myself

  2. At least don't do drugs til you're 14. Then you can do whatever the fuck you want....

  3. Good post. I like reading your post when I get the chance. :P

  4. The wisest decision I ever made was to wait the extra half a year Erika.
    I feel 14 is still a bit young for most.
    Girls mature faster than boys, so maybe it was okay for you, but the level of maturity gained in that six months is invaluable. I dread to think what state I would be in now had I started on my 14th birthday.

  5. Show us some software tuts f4g

  6. I can be the wise as and say I never did drugs :) And Im 25 :P

  7. Kevings: So, what you're saying is that in your 25 years of life, you never once took any substance that effected your mind or body chemistry? That's downright amazing! It's nothing shy of a miracle of modern science! Where do you get your nutrients from? Energy? Air? Emotions? And how did you get to this state of being without taking anything to alter you mind and body to a point where it needs no input/output?


  9. Man I have an amazing idea for a series of exploitative videos.
    Bribe groups of geeks to fight each other (bribe with... protractors(? because nerds will do anything for a protractor fix))... video tape it.


    When the geekiest of the bunch is completely awed by science and protracting get him to get 'Nerd Fight!' tattooed on his forehead as trade for a spiffy scientific calculator.

  10. Winners dont use drugs my friend.

  11. haha word
    brb making sweet loving my equipment

  12. If only I was nerdy enough to win in a nerdfight.....