Monday, 28 March 2011

I'm back now but I will be properly back later. K Thanks.

K. There is a shitton of bullshit to read since my new EX BEST FUCKING FRIEND hijacked my blog and started spilling all my personal shit all over it and hinting at my password WHICH I FUCKING LOVE THAT PASSWORD AND USE IT FOR EVERYTHING SHITBIRD now I'm going to have to change it.

I was fucking hoping to get back here today and get stuck into doing the sound blog. OKAY! yes, WRONGWRONGWRONG (YOUR NAME IS ALL CAPS YOU SPA) did at least kick off the proper stuff, but it wasn't exactly his place to do that was it?
He did also make the profile pic RED which looks pretty slick. But still fuck him for being such a bollox.

Whiny sensitive shitbag trying to get into my new gf's panties sick fuck I know your game.

And of course gets all you worried and shit - I haven't even read the comments. Been too mad and eager to get his OVERCONCERNED OVERPROTECTIVE JUSTLIKEMYDAD CRUDDY POST off the top of the blog.

I di.

I have to finish this later but I'm not even going to edit, just put it up and maybe edit later I don't knw idk!K? I have to write an email..

back later. Cool bye. Thanks.


  1. your life is dramatic, hope everything is ok now

  2. Sorry dude.
    I've sent an email. Read it okay? Please.

  3. Thanks ed.
    FFS like I fucking FORGOT ABOUT LUNCH AT THE GOLF CLUB that's all. Big swingin dicks. If I hadn't forgot I would have probably not even invited that guy back but anyway.

    Looks like I might have to have a 'sit down' with my Dad now ffs. Oh man. I HATE that shit.
    He means well and he's always loving and concerend which I really appreciate but fuck it man IT'S JUST A RIDE! Like, get over yourself.

  4. your friend isn't your mom. tell him to back off!

  5. BLehhhhhhh.
    Have to go meet Dad.

    Later all.
    I'll tell you the whole thing when I get back.

  6. Your life has a bunch of things going on in it. Be safe and take care.

  7. Glad you're back and everything is alright.

  8. That's fucking shitty dude. I agree; tell him to back the fuck off

  9. Cheers guys. The silly bitch's heart seems to have been in the right place. I think maybe he wasn't trying to steal my new lady. Mmmmaybe But...

    Caused me a fuckton of grief though... which I guess I would've got anyway but he had people worried here too.
    Ah fuck it. I dunno. I guess I'll reply to his whiny email at some point. Have to catch up on all the bullplop he instigated while I was way now, but.

  10. I now have a blog dedicated to you my love

  11. I swear on my life, nothing went down between your friend and I.... We swapped a few emails and tbh, I did start thinking after a few of them that he had a crush on me, kept asking me to get on webcam and shit but I said NO. I only get on webcam with you.... ;]

    Your friend is a dick. I'm so sorry for even talking to him. I genuinely thought that he was trying to help out =[

    I'm so sorry, baybeee xxx

  12. Hey Emilio.
    "Sorry, the blog at has been removed."
    That's ashame, you know I love attention.
    Sorry but you're kind of being a bit of a spamwhore right now - in fact all you recent comments went straight to spam so it took me I didn't find them for a while but I i= I did puc I did publish this one (sorry finished the wine - and blogging woops).
    So where was I . I thought maybe if you wan't to email me or some shit that's cool and then we can talk and I could publish your comments with triangolls and all that but maybe just it's cool we might leave it thanks for your time we' we will call you babes. thanks bye.

    Eirka yay. H wait fuck this new comment for that.

  13. ERIKA. Fuck it don't. Why did .
    I dunno. Look it's fuckin cool he's a NICE GUY he just means the best and has a GOOD heart I 'm sure of it. don't go on wecam with t= jjst don't pleas k?

  14. I FUCKING LOVE PARAMOL..... It's so fucking good. We bneeed to do some together. ..

    And to Emilio.. btww... PryON screenshotted the comments you sent him fior me. You're pathetic. Can you not seee when you're unwanted, yu discgustng bitch. How about PryON And I send you a sextape sometime and you can cry a fucking river over it. I hpe you realise that you're a cunt. </3