Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Do you want to ride inside my Love?

Hey. So I'm going to post the DISCLAIMER in a bit HOLD YOUR DAMN HORSES FFS - IT'S COMING! (And I see I can put it on a separate permanent page which might be an idea).

But first I wanted to share a dream I had this morning.
I was the king of a magical land and Tank Girl was the queen. We didn't have a castle we just sat on thrones at the top of a large hill - think Teletubbies but way bigger. And there were all the weird characters running around.
Some of them were loyal followers of the King and Queen (me and TG) yellow pokemons, little smiley cartoon boys, cartoon big nose boys (lots of cartoon reference for some reason) specially sharks, an old karate man, and some normal real people too, one had an eyepatch [edit: I think it was ABE LINCOLN!] - 420 of whom had no name to speak of. 

And they would come up and say hi and they would tap me on the head and for some reason I really enjoyed it (I know, what?) and  we would give them golden eggs for doing this.

There were other creatures too - little lambikins all sinewy and bones who were cool characters but didn't pay much attention really to anyone else much and same for otters maybe? And lazy, lazy, sleepy dogs.
And yet others, who couldn't understand (or didn't try and understand or laughed in the face of) much of how the kingdom. These were the hallucinogenic mushrooms and skater dudes and my Dad (for some weird, no doubt Oedipal reason).

But I thought some of them could turn around and come up the hill and try and tap my head  and then get an egg for their trouble and that would be great and I could see specks in the distance - other creatures and people who might join in the kingdom one day.
 And then my Queen laid her head on my shoulder when everything went quiet for a moment and there was a lovely warmth and a gentle throbbing and shimmery tingling sensation.

Usually every morning I wake up with a song in my head.

After this dream it was Minnie Ripperton
- Inside My Love, which you can listen to (in High Definition! +plus NICE FUCKING PAINTING MY MAN) at this link

You can get it on the album, 'Adventures in Paradise', from amazon or whoever on CD, but do yourself a fucking favor. Get a decent record player and buy a Near Mint copy off
Richard Rudolph lovingly produced the album with coproducer Stewart Levine (who also produced The Crusades).

'Inside My Love' in particular has FINE attention to detail (check that bass drum & the hats - gives me an erection, yes, even now), excellently (stereo)doubled guitar, great bompy bass and sexy SOARING strings and just general GOOEY YUMMINESS.

Speaking of which, I need to shower and change my bed-clothes.


  1. Lol, the change of pace when you start talking about the song :P

    You're crazy, guy. I love it.

  2. That dream sounds crazy. Crazy awesome.

  3. If I be your Tank Girl, would you be my Booga?
    We'll have moldy peaches for breakfast, lunch and then dinna.

    I wrote you a song, do you like it?

  4. I <3 that song so much I need to shower AGAIN and change my shorts AGAIN.


    Now. If you do this it will be the most INTENSE COLLABORATION THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN (or maybe just the blog world - or maybe jjust my world).
    Record yourself singing it - in a video if that's best. Mmmm.. that might be best. And I will sample it and produce a track.
    I shit you not. Let's fucking do this my not-chubby bunny.

    Give me pointers on what kind of sound you want.
    I wouldn't be too keen on going the Jesus and Mary Chain routwe. And I probably won't use any live instruments (I will if you insist xx).

  5. thanks for sharing your dream with us. interesting!

  6. Oh and you will need to LEAN RIGHT IN to your mic if you are doing it from webcam - you had really shitty level (sorry it has to be said) on the last one. And make sure it's as clear as possible and not muffled and NOTHING on in the background - especially a fan or CD spinning in the computer or any of that shit.

  7. That's if you do it pleaspleasePLEASE SAY YES AND DO IT!

  8. I'm working on a full version now and though I don't have any decent recording equipment, this song will go far. In fact. You could say. That it goes all the way round the internet from here in the right direction >>

    then gets back to here from the left direction


    Isn't that an amazing distance?
    It's wrapped itself around the ENTIRE internet before it's even written.

    In a passionate embrace of sorts.

    Let's do it!

  9. Needing decent equipment is a myth - just record it as CLEAR AND LOUD (but not distorted) as possible - or FUCKING NOT!

    But anyway this is just fucking SUPER.
    I'll get the DUHSKLAYYYYYMMMMOORRRR up while you work on the song. Man I am so excited about this project. My . My excitement is all zuup zuup yep. Anticipation. Cool rock fingers and teverything yesss!.
    K. I'll stop distracting you know. K do it! YES!

  10. Sorry, I did get round to writing that song but tad busy right now. I shall record for you some point later.

    Ciao ciao brown cow - forever raping dead babies....

  11. i had a dream where i caught all the pokemon, plus all the pokemon that they haven't created like, like warcharmandoise and shit like that. when i woke up my charmander was still level 3 and i cried for 10 hours and farted

  12. Cool, I'm kind of considering Gin anyway. I don't work well on gin. I video game well on gin. Straight. Little beer chaser. That's probably weird to most people.
    I need the interactive experience to keep my gin buzz going otherwise I get all melancholy and start crying all over the place and who can adjust envelopes and automate faders and all that when they are crying all over the place. no one.
    So yeah, I think that's what I'll do. Video game and gin and beer chaser. Sweet. Later xx

  13. Yeah MAX I HATE THOSE FUCKING DREAMS where you have a bunch of cool shit and ebverything is HUNKYDOO fuckin DORY and life is great and you have prospects and stuff you're looking forward to but then you wake up and you realise you don't have any of those things and life isn't really well it's a steaming pile of shit really so you drink gin and cry for, yeah, about ten hours and, yep fart, I guess. Sure, why not?

  14. man i had a dream once that i made condolences with my ex girlfriend and then i woke up and we still weren't talking with each other.

    man that minnie song is dope. why haven't i heard of her. man i should make a cd of baby making music so when i bring lasses over they know the deal

  15. I wish I could recall my dreams so vividly.

  16. man that minnie is from a madlib or dilla beat somewhere. i've heard that breakdown at like 3:40 before. so smooth

  17. i mean 3.10. yeah, dilla beat. fucking freeesh. sorry to spam your inbox dude

  18. w00t! You finally got the disclaimer up!

    Also, you asked for some A Perfect Circle tunes. I actually made a post about them a while back so I'll just link that. It should mention all three of their albums. (And, of course, have samples from each.) I'm sure you can track down their music from there, in which ever format you so choose.

  19. Fuck Robert. Did I mention I was drinking Gin tonight. Did I BY ANY FUCKING CHANCE HAPPEN TO MENTION THAT?

    I haven't yet finished my frist shot and I am already welling up at 'The Nurse Who Loved Me'.

    The production is quite lovely, although there is a very mildly jarring effect between the vocal feeling like it's coming from a transistor radio immediately in front of you and the instrumentation (beautifully recorded) seeming like it's drifting to you from dark corners of a large room. Maybe that's the effect they wanted but it didn't click with me.

    (I really shouldn't but I'm going to play it again I hope I don't weep).
    Fuck this gawd the tears are already coming.

    THIS SONG IS SO FUCKIGN poignant for me. EVERY WORD and chord swell is painting my own life across my heart. 'pills in a cuop she's falling hard for me I can see it in her eyes she acts just like a nurse with all the other guys' WTF>?! WTF!

    I don't know whether to hug you and bawl on your shoulder or rip your fucking face off Robert Fünf. This was not a good move to discover this music right now. K look I have tio switch it off HE KEEPS SAYING 'Say Hello....' and I'm like dude please stop I can't see the keys through the GODDAMN TEARS!
    So I yes. I will MAYBE check their other stuff when I'm more. Emotionally less vulnerable. FUCK! *wipes tear* FUCK!

    I should thank you though Robert. I guess. *breathes deep*
    Thanks man.

  20. K. WHEW! Playing MAX POWER'S mix again to shift the energy.
    K. K. Good . Big stadium synths knocking that blubbery stupid crybaby shit aside.
    Cool cool. Night terrors every night 5 am cold sweats waking up to.. through.. to the sky? To this guy? Kiss the shy?

    Sorry. MAX, yes. Is 'spamming' frowned upon? : / I spam EVERYONE! Woops. I better watch that.
    Spam here all you want btw I like like it.

    You thinking of Intelligent Hoodlums?
    What Dilla tracK? Also 'lol @' "baby making music".

    Man, I wish I could be baby making - with or without music.

  21. And ROBERT! Yes, thanks for noticing.
    w00t! I finally got the disclaimer up!

  22. When you get more... stabilized, you should check out the entire album, Thirteenth Step. The entire album is in the same vein as that song. (And, of course, I personally think just about everything Maynard James Keenan touches turns to gold.)

  23. Cool Robert. Yeah I'm ok now. Sorry - I just had to switch to electronic music because it keeps me stable - exactly. like I'll be absolutely fine tomorrow I guess to check out this guy. But thanks It affects me HORRENDOUSLY and that is a GOOD THING really. I like to be I like to FEEL and if music especially MUSIC art or music but espec OR FILM but ESPECIALLY MUSIC can do that then I have the highest respect for it and I will cherish it for all time close to my bosom. DON'T SAY "haha he said 'bosom'" K? I mean that. Few things are sacred to me but music is one and I won't have you fuckers laugh about that. YOU KNOW anyway how powerful it is.And I don't mean you are all fuyckers but I get the feeling some of my friends here - like Robert and MAX are a bit more fucking cooler and clued in than others is all.

    Cool. Sorry rant ing a little. I need to start gaming or all hell will break lose heh 'lol'/

  24. THIS IS this is the shit I'm saying. Look man you come here and I really appreciate that but you're NOT SAYING ANYTHING you're all like 'hahaha that's cool bro' when if you want to come here you should PAY FUCKKKING ATTENTION sorry.
    Look I ppreciate everyone who comes by but you know YOU PROBABKLY SHOULD ALL REALISE BY sorry You should realise by now... that I am an edgy motherfucker and I want fdn

    shit look it's cool. Thanks for stopping by man. Soreyy for going off on one.

  25. Shit I want to delete that whwere's th etrash bin icon thing? fuk. I am so happy fopr ANYONE coming buy ah shit. K I will figure this out and DOG DUDE you are cool no worries! Thanks for being here. Yay DJ Tonka for the fuckin;' WIN *hands in the air-well not just now cos I'm typing, But NOW*

  26. HAHA the icons are there all the time. Haha . Cool look I'll leave it. This bit is incredible. KEyboards make you not get l out ya seat and dance. Damn.

  27. u must be exhausted from all that responding :D

  28. I have those dreams too!