Monday, 28 March 2011

Catch up.

Hey so while I was gone let's seee....

My 'friend' hacked my account and caused a wave of panic and concern through the bloggerspherrrr.
There was a catscrap.
There was poetry. Ripped off and quite shitty vs. original and FUCKIN' 'MAZIN' sugarclitlovie
A 'disjointed/incoherent' phone call.
A really concerned wonderful person brought to TEARS over the whole PANIC MONGERING - which I still don't know if I can forgive.
On top of which the 'sound guide' (which is called "PryON's stupid guide to mixing, eq-ing and compression - dark arts he has no real clue about to be honest ffs." not 'sound guide' you total dipshit) had its first post which I'd been looking forward to doing FFS. And I think I might've posted more than a skimpy few lines of it jockourse.

But anyway. Look I can't rant about it much more than I have in the comments....

I'm just kind of chill now post detox. The world is fucking weird, very different place completely dry. I kinda like it!
(Yes, I am opening a bottle of wine now, fuck you :P)

So Saturday night I posted this:

PryON said...

*pumps hands in the air*
MAH CINEMA, my Hollywood trezhya...

And, no, not drunk :P


PryON said...

shshsh k? the guy from the club is in the room and i don't wat him to know i am typing this. he is some sort of conduit for god. he says i have a beautiful soul and technolgy darkens it but he will make it light again. so this might be the last you hear from me ever. igo to him now He calls.

I was listenin' to that Cinema tune, sippin on a tasty beverage (beer I think, judging by the cans at the top of recycling).
Skrillex remix, check it kids, definitely just. Yeah.

So I take a fit and decide I need to go clubbing right?
Fuck on my hawt jacket (fifteen squids - charity shop) get a naggin of whiskey on the way and BLAST into the club LIKE I OWN THE FUCKING JOINT!
I'm all throwing my hands and shapes and my feet are doing shit I didn't even realise they could do. I RIPPED THE PLACE APART MAN!

In the jacks some lad was rimming me about how good my moves were. Line. Sound.
Introduces me to his bird who on the sly did that sexy bite her half and deftly pop the other in your mouth thing.

Did some more even incredibler moves on the 'floor.
She sidled up and popped me another half. I was already coming up HARD and fast. Mental good drugz.

So look, this goes on for a bit, but the guy starts getting the wrong idea. (All I'm thinking of is one woman and she isn't there which is sad but I keep pretending she is and I'm dancing for her - which is probably why my moves were so UNCREDIBLY AWESOME. But they were, really.
So yer man is all up in my face and I'm all 'eh, no, man, wrong idea' and he takes offense cos I DON'T fancy his bird or whatever and chest bumps me across the dancefloor. (I KNOW! Chestbump? WHAAT?)

Bouncer removes him as he starts goading me all in my face. And she goes with and whatever.

This brown dude come over and helps me up. He is a fucking lovely soul and he starts telling me all these secrets about the universe and he's totally making sense and rubbing my back just right and all (I'm off my jammers remember).
He somehow manages to get back here (for da spleeff or something, idk), and I kind of remember this. He was all dodgy in the hall and checking the bedroom and shit and I checked into the blogging for a sec. I guess the posts mentioned by shitheadWRONGWRONGWRONG elsewhere here - and uh one here now, like).

Then somehow we are outside again. Fucking hazy now - and not in the e'n'coke'n'whiskey way... man not good at all).
A van.
I wake up in this cream room. CREAM. It was. Bedroom. Just about everything was CREAM. My head is bangin'. 
I groan and then all these fucking oddball hippie fucks start coming in the room chanting and singing. Some of the hideous old bitches had their tops of and had beads and all and shit in their hair and they're all 'Come to the River, The River of Love, The Lovely River of Life of Love of Blood and Love' or SOMETHING idk ffs.

I just wanted a fried fucking breakfast.

Nah. Fucking chick-peas man. CHICK PEAS. And I don't know what else.

Seemed we were up the mountains a bit - I could see that much out the windows, but all the freaking doors were locked to 'keep the love in' or some pure plop like that.

I'll spare you the goddamn details, but they were a crazy bunch of nutjobfreakfucks who held me captive for what 26 hours? (before I smashed a fucking window and fucking ran for it).
They force detoxed me - that was the turning point. I might have been into it otherwise, but no CHOCOLATE! They don't even eat chocolate the fuuuhhrrrrrRRREAKS!

Yeah, so I ran. Hitched, walked, hitched (no wallet or nothin' - really great guys picked me up, might tell the stories another time)... and finally got back this afternoon to discover my 'best friend' had fucked with the only thing that has meant a shit to me since - well never mind since.

I've straightened everything out as much as I can I hope.

Had to sit and listen to my Dad prattle on and on about 'responsibility' and 'consequences of your actions' for like an an hour and a half tonight fuck. He's a supportive motherfucker, my Dad and has been always there, loving and attentive, but fuck man, GROW A SENSE OF ADVENTURE FFS.

If you've been badgered by WRONGWRONGWRONG'S ridiculous pansy-ass PANICSTATIONZ! Please, please respond!!! ERRR NOOOO! It's turrible turrible oh dear. Fuck it.

(I was really tempted to post his email and you could all send him 'You fucking tool' messages, but I won't.)

Alright kids. Tomorrow we're gonna do some 'sound stuff',. Let's see... eq in the mix. It's pretty important and even if you don't do the mixing and all you will NEED TO KNOW THIS for when your STEWPID muso friends are all asking you what compression is and you're just like BUHHHHH NO NO NO! (There's a lot of that in it).

Thanks all for the concern and especially my FUCKING BESTIES on here MAXIMOOOOM POWAH!, eh, Mr. Generally Disgruntled and Robert Fünf (FOOOOOOOOOOOONF! FTW!) you guys are the best. Going to check all your shit now woop!

And of course Erikaah, mah CINEMA! I could watch you forevahh.




  1. it´s surprising how WRONGWRONGWRONG´s writing style is so similar to yours, the dude is a real impersonator.

  2. tbh it's the ... it WAS (maybe) the other way around. I took a lot of cues from that shitbag over the years... maybe he from me too.
    You should see how similar we dress. We might not see each other for six months and we both have a new style going on but it's THE SAME STYLE!

    Like, we're not girls or anything (well, he kind of is - as proved by this recent BS) so we don't text each other what we just bought in TK Maxx or whatever. Just one of dem tings I guess.

  3. An if yer listening WRONGWRONGWRONG and I KNOW YOU ARE!, fuck you. Fuck you very much.

    Nah I don't mean that man. I've relaxed about it now (half a bottle of wine post detox will do that). I'll email you now... 'buddy'. :I x

  4. OMG PRYON!!!!

    I was so worried.... =[

    I am so glad that you're back now, just checked my emails also and read your explanation but I thought you'd get my reply quicker via Blogger.

    I'm so happy you're back, you really have no idea. Get on Gtalk!! We'll talk there...

    obtw... who is this Emilio?? =s

    Reply in Gtalk asap!!


  5. oh and I've been listening to Cinema on repeat since you showed it to me.


    I could watch you for a lifetime.... You're my favourite movie.... A thousand endings.... You mean everything to me.....

    I love you just the way you are, baybee.... <33333 ^_^

  6. good to see you back! change that password ;)

  7. Hey do you have a youtube channel with your recordings on it?

  8. wish my life was exciting as yours

  9. Hey Frameage, no oo toob or anything for you to listen to. Tbh I don't want you guys hearing my shit and then not taking any of the advice seriuss!L!O!L