Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Giving something back.

I can't believe some of you morons still pay attention when I post. It's been well over a year since I started ranting here, and ten fucking MONTHS since I stopped posting with any regularity whatsoever, and yet a couple of you even take the time to comment if I post. Wow.

But I appreciate it you adorable motherfuckers. It wawrms mah bawls like a crack whore's mouth on a hot July night (guess what I'm doing / having done to me right now bitches?)

And so, I finally deliver to you a piece of recording I made. I only did it because a certain lecherous bitch who shall remain named Erika kept banging on about it to me*.

I even went to the fuse box to shut off the fridge to record this so you better fucking dig it fuckoes.

Oh look, I fucking embedded a video

*Don't tell anyone - I think it's supposed to be 'on the qt/dl/stfu about it', but we run a blog now at
Looks gay as hell right now because it's just thrown up there and I was feeling a six year old... I mean LIKE a six year old girl when I chose the colours.
That's where the 'inspiration' behind this recording came from sort of... actually I told her I'd had been singing the high pitched fucking chimpster version when she said 'you should blog about it'. Fuck it, flame me hard for this one muchachos.