Thursday, 7 April 2011

Drunk again blogging again.

I'm just getting this one out of the way before i wake up.
iI am drunk again SO WHAT FUCKER?MONTHERmopther fucker?

So what?

I don't even care what you fucks even think. I'm trying to do good by you are and... and someo SOME of you are decent fuckos and I like  you and it's cool man.
And maybe I overstepped my mark on Erika's blog again but I thou NO I THINK I am doing a good thing it's only right and good. She has enough to have to deal with I mean she's very busy not emtionaly stuff or anything I'm not pertaining to that but annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyways.

I yah.
Just it's all good I hope you like the 'sound' unsound sound info advice I sure love you cunts for the most part MAX POWER 's mix made me do some fuckin' weird shit whcih will be oklay by mroning I guess. 

Sound out . Pease. Hmmmmm.yehloveuukbi heh


  1. You're making me thirsty, sir....No. I need to sleep. Not drink. SLEEP!

    So, what's tonight's poison?

  2. You weren't overstepping your mark at all, and no, I am not mad at you, sweetie. I wish I could join you on your little drinkypoos, but unfortunately this is my sober week. Next week, I promise =]

    I hope you're okay! ily <3333

  3. i completely understand