Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday downer buzz/experimental dub ramble.

It's Friday and as such I can't be arsed annoying you with sound informations and dodgy audio advice.

This week I'm not too 'up for it' - unlike that other Skrillex Friday and the time I ended up in a cult up the mountains (or I think that was probably a Saturday night).

Truth is I drank for twelve hours last night - until 7AM.
It wasn't even fun and now I have a stupid dull hangover that won't piss off even if I was to try a 'cure' (I just know by the feeling of settled pig-shit in my brain the type it is).

So yeah. It also means I drank all my money last night. Which fucking sucks double since it wasn't even worth it.
I have enough MAYBE to get me through on the nicotine addiction but my inner alco is just going to have to go fuck hisself because I can't afford another drop of alcohol until Tuesday.

Should be a nice break. I can only hope the detox won't be too nasty. I usually 'ramp' down (with a bottle of wine or what have you) after all nighters, but no choice, and anyway it was a slow enough pace - about 1 beer an hour so maybe just a little bit of sweaty ass in an hour or two and hopefully no major horrors or shakes. 
D.T.s are a bitch kids, never get yourself to a point where you get Delirium tremens. It can provoke a psychotic episode and even fucking kill you.

Sorry to be on such a downer as the weekend approaches.

It'll be chill enough in Casa del PryON I reckon.
May even do some experimental dub. My experimental dub stuff is the shit. You would hate it but I love the wooshiness. I use an album on cassette on a four-track portastudio and 'redub' forwards and backwards over the original recording using shit loads of manually fiddled infinte delay loopage (I'd love a proper echo chamber dealy but all I have is my trusty delay pedal)... delay dealy, dealy delay.

K. I will stop boring the crap out of you and ruining your weekend buzz now.

Peasout my sweets. Have a good one.


  1. Fuck it. I borrowed a few quid and got a bottle of white in.


    Meh. Not to worry.

  2. skrillex collab'd with korn recently. idk what to think

  3. Hey at least you were able to drink your money away. Mine just went to registering my stupid car...

  4. Aww it sucks that you can't have any drinkypoos til Tuesday =[
    (By which I mean, drinkypoos and not drinky poos.. or drinkable poos... or anything like that..)

    I hope things pick up soon!

    I will see you soon <3333

  5. You'll be ok without the booze, i recently just switched to just drinking on the weekends and its a nice change. A six pack gets me pretty buzzed now.

  6. Delirium Tremens is also the name of a Belgian beer. You should try it one time, it's one of my favorite beers ever!