Friday, 22 April 2011


This is the day Our Lord was Crucified on the Cross (and loads of words that have capital letters).

I'm losing my patience, I just came here to bounce.

So anyway. As tomorrow is a day of mourning I mean *today* is.

Eh... whut?
(bit drunk).

I just figured I'd do my party party Friday post now.

*     _     *
| Do  † the |
*     ¯     *

That is all. Enjoy your weekend.

[Edit: It's about MJ you numbskulls. Also I misheard the lyrics as 'as drunk as you like' - yep. Make of that what you will.)


  1. Prepare for sunday being Zombie Jesus day and all...

  2. love this song but i prefer the mstrkrft version

  3. I feel there's a Rebecca Black joke to be made here, but I will be damned if I'm the one who makes it. Have a good weekend, bro

  4. mstrkrft remix is a bit full on for Good Friday morning.
    What would Mary Mother of God say if someone rocked up to her at the † with this blasting out of a b00mbox?
    What's that synth riff ripped off from? Our Lord and Saviour Michael Jackson is it?
    wtf am I on about, it's from the Justice remix - or what? I am so confused. Whiskey is great but then you wake up all fuzzy headed with cuts and scrapes on your hands from doing the dishes drunk.
    The mstrkrft is a remix of the Jusitce remix and I even prefer the Justive Live version to them two.
    The Braxe and Falke version is nice too because I am a pussy. I have 'em all on tasty tasty 12" but not the original. peh.

    Generally Disgusting, don't even joke about joking about such things. I will kick you clear of this blog. Straight out the door.

    Zombie Jesus Day approaches. Let's all eat chocolate until we puke. wtf?

  5. zombie jesus day?
    better barricade my doors, dont want religious zombies in my house!