Sunday, 1 May 2011

Compression not explained very much or very well. (again)

MAX POWER decided not to read some stuff and came out with a an annoying question that he would have understood from jfgi-ing. Etc.

But sunny Sunday afternoon beers has me in a moderately tolerant mood so I will delve into explaining that darkest of arts and what the fook IS compression?

I'm repeating myself which I abhor, and if you had actually read and carefully studied previous shit here I wouldn't need to.

Compression is what it says it is. It squashes the sound.
Compresses it, like, geddit?

Remember compressing the miced up bass. DO YA?
No because you didn't read that and fucked up completely as a result?

Well, at the time 'you' set the ratio up full and threshold to infinite.
The teeniest noise (amp hum) became as loud as the loudest noise (the thumb-slap).
Sounded pretty bad.

When you gave it more subtle compression, the nimble finger work was audible in the mix - just as the slap 'n' pop had been.

I also told you to look up loudness wars. The wiki article shows a great animation that visually explains compression perfectly.
But you didn't bother with that did you?

Look, your track - your 'song', has a really quiet intro, gentle verse and thrashing chorus. Without compression the chorus is loudest - sounds okay. But the verse is noticeably quieter and the intro is practically inaudible.

You whack a bit of compression in there and the loud chorus is brought down a few notches. When you push up the master now you can actually hear the intro and the verse is pretty present too.

It doesn't distort the signal but it does affect it. Sometimes it makes sucking sounds as the compression compensates between loud and quiet parts.

Slurp slurp. Sounds like a crackwhore guzzling cock in your favourite bj porn clip.

There are other factors to consider like attack and release time, but you just asked me to describe the workings of the shit so there you have it.

Beyond my sage wisdom, use the google machines, use your own compression wares and your brain and ears and eyes and get it into your head.


Now my only dilemma is beer in the sun or nap?


  1. haha wow you sound somewhat normal in this post, will do. and beer in the sun and then nap

  2. Now I am retarted when it comes to music compressing considering I have no idea what it is, however I would recommend the beer in the sun! :D

  3. take a beer in the sun, than nap, repeat 5 times

  4. Beer in the sun. And Compression is always a bitch every time I've tried. I'm sure if you explain it one more time I'll get it

  5. And why not BOTH? Beer in the sun AND nap.

  6. Checked out loudness wars after this. Super interesting that this goes back to Motown and Jukeboxes.

    Good read.


  8. also go check out the new mix i posted!

  9. Thank you chrischaos for your insightful contribution.

    MAXUAL - on it.