Monday, 30 May 2011

Another new leaf & Exporting Your Master

I got well distracted. 
Those of you who might be just here for the drama, sorry I guess. I'm done with that shit.

I'm getting back to the real reason behind this blog.
It's not to hook up with some irrational nutjob who shits marshmallows out her mouth and licks her cat's ass.

DONE with that shit. (suggestions on what to do with the $30 of paypal donation we got to actually hook up welcome).
Going to concentrate now on the good shit.

So after this last bit on mixing and mastering (if you missed previous stuff you may have to sift through various bullshit soap operas but I assure you it's worth it) I will fucking teach you clueless cunts how to DJ because why the fuck not?

I don't dj if I can help it. 
People are retarded and have terrible taste in music. But if you're into bothering at all I can show you how to play a room full of idiots a few tunes so that they would rather spit on you (in a 'nice' way) at the end of the night than scream at you for not playing Bob Dylan (ffs - Dylan is all very well two or three people chilling at home when all conversation has dried up but there's still a shit load of weed, but we have a room of clueless fucks to entertain and try and get dancing here you SPA) or Black Eyed Peas or whatever bullshit ("oh, I DO have it, but left it at home, sorry").

...last lesson mixing/mastering your precious audios...


Yo mah choon is like all BOOMKAPOWBLOMSMACKAPAKAWUPVROOM in mah earz an mayk my sexwee come in muh pantiez YUSSSSSSSSSS! Uhm *the toungue thing again* ...expoat, empeefree... er *tounge thing*

<b>Hold up, wait a minute!</b>

People will tell you not to use mp3. They will demand you use some lossless format that .01% of people in the (non music) real world give a shit about. 
I do mp3 but I would advise you to read up on lossy and lossless formats and decide for yourself.

You are uploading to your fucking youtube anyway (which I *told* you not to do) so they will reencode and fuck your sound up so whateverz man. (I think soundcloud actually do that also - AND seems to me they compress/effectively auto-remaster. 
What am I doing on soundcloud? They are shitheads! AND youtube are doing HD audio now wtf? WHY CAN'T I DO ANYTHING RIGHT? 


Export/transcode at NO LOWER than 192kbps. Use a variable bitrate if you insist, but I don't. 
Variable bitrate is essentially a bunch of digital gremlin sprite things which go RIGHT INSIDE YOUR FILE, right in there, like, and tinker with your precious datas. Fixed bitrate leaves the digital gremlin sprite things out of it and even your mother will tell you that's just common sense.

Kewl. Look at you with your very own mp3 which you can hold in your hands and pet lovingly and cradle in your arms as you rock it to sleep in the evening and all the witty stuff I'm bored of trying to say anymore.

But, yes. Yay for you. Yay for me. Yay for all of us.
I do hope there has been a *morsel* of helpfulness amongst the huhhhuhhuhhhLARIOUs ranting and terrible, terrible sound advice.



  1. harsh.
    i think 320kbps is best for quality/size.
    and im done with the word file w/ your posts,
    ill go through it someday

  2. My favorite part is when you said " Clueless cunts".

  3. "irrational nutjob who shits marshmallows out her mouth and licks her cat's ass" ??

    At least I don't have to drink myself retarded to produce a blogpost that people might actually read.

  4. Wel then uhm. Welcome back! o_o

  5. Next party I go to (in like 18 hours, lol) I'm gonna dj the shit out of it. And play Black Eyed Peas...

    I agree that people have shit taste in music. And I'm glad you got your shit sorted out. And I say you take that thirty dollars and go to a strip club. Get a lap dance, and belt the stripper across the face with it and convince her to make better life choices. Then, finish up the dance. And I really wish everyone followed the no less than 192 kbps rule. If I had a dollar for every song from a local band that is at 120 kbps that I have, I could make it hail at a strip club.

  6. Nice one Edword - I do have it (more or less) in .txt file format but I appreciate your dedication.

    GD - maybe I should do a 'challenge' and ask people to vote on what sick and fucked up use I could put that $30 towards.
    Play the Black Eyed Peas - do it. I'm not all that opposed to them myself - had only just listened to one of their tunes actually, is why they were stuck in my head.

    And Erika, ah Erika, 'you and your ways'.
    I must say that's pretty rich coming from someone who feels the need to not only parade around their female form and camera whoring to gain followers, but also resorts to EVERY fucking post including a shocking topic and/or attention grabbing images before degrading themselves (engaging in scat, bestiality and other masochistic pursuits) on a weekly basis based on the whims of 40 or so perverts on the 'net.

    Damn, girl. I think you're just jealous that I get more genuine readers than you without even one image (except the ridiculous ones YOU posted) on here.

    Suck that shit up bitch.

    And before you mention numbers I will state more clearly - I would rather 10 proper readers (some of whom are becoming real good buddies) than 40 pervs who just want to see me mutilate my genitals.

  7. you can put that 30 dollars to a new game or somethin...

  8. PryON, I would like to see you mutilate your genitals on your next post. That's my challenge. Buy a thirty dollar cock ring, and pierce that shit yourself