Saturday, 7 May 2011

Personal shit.

Seems I've really cooled off on here right?
Not even sure if Ed-word's last comment was a compliment or an insult.
I really haven't been too hectic lately. Well, either not too hectic or way ott.
Was pissing off some friends at their house the other night - getting fucked up on fortified wine and beer and causing general chaos.
Yet another smashed coffee table. This time on purpose (is that worse than by accident?)

Having got kicked out I came back and made a general dick of myself in a certain chatroom but neglected to drunk blog. I could barely see straight so it's hard to know would I have been able to construct anything even if I had.

But I promised to keep my personal shit off the blogworld a while back. (So why am I spilling all this info?)

I don't know, deal with it fuck face.


  1. Its not a good night of drinking unless a coffee table is broken. :D

  2. Don't worry about what people say. Who cares.

  3. just surprised. hope things get better bro

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