Thursday, 26 May 2011

Party while you can

Yeah. Fuck, so shit. So damn. K.
Sorry I'm kinda buzzed right now.

Was on an .. well a semi-allnighter. I got about four hours sleep. Between 6 and 10 I think and then woke up and got stuck back into it.

This girl. Fucking cool friend of mine [edit NOT MY EX OR ANYTHING SEXUAL] accidentally locked us out of her own place right?
We were coming back from the bar or some shit. Wait. Music. music.

Music - sorted - drown out the noise of the fucking or w/e from upstairs. THIS IS COCAINE SPEAKIN.

Cool so.

Yeah. We tried out best to have the funs for a while but it was looking a bit shit - all the booze was inside and we were outside right?

And then Feet Wit Da Feet came along (that's whats we call him cos he got feets - and he dances crazy like). And he had the happy happy and we all had a goo and suddenly we didn't really give afuck we were locked out it became like a game and then just fun times really, hanging on the porch playing some fuckin crazy games and stuff (won't go into it now but I could say that the friends 'knickers' (as she called em) ended up over Feet's jeans... and there was 'blood' on 'em. - and more I can't .. never mind.)

After about three hours or something we'd almost all passed out (I just pretended to be asleep) when her Dad came around at bout 6.30 to sort something with the boiler i dunno what), and we all got in. We crashed for a while inside and of course when we woke there was a she load of booze right there and we got into it.

I dunno really why I'm telling you all this - nothing major fucking happened, was just an enormous fucking buzz all in all ups and downs and SUPER UPS - you get me... but I just haven't checked in in ages I LOVE YOU FUCKING ALL. Disgruntled and MAx Power and fucking ALL of you - sorry if I don't name you I'm tiiiuuuured and just got home and Erika of course I am still so in love but I will not mention her here too late ha... or not ha really. (Sorry. I know you're being very cool with me and it's all cool k?)

But anyway.

It was cool. I am .. I don't even know how3 my hands are typing words at this stage. 

Party while you can kids. k?


  1. Back at you bro. I'm hoisting a drink for ya right now. Glad to see you're still going

  2. Party hard every day of your life like its your last!! Gotta love them big ol buzzes!!

  3. Sup bro? Hows it been? patched your things up with Ericka Bro? take a rest dude see you later.

  4. I was wondering if you would stalk me.Hell, I will even pull down my panties while you do it to make it a bit more fun. Anyway, just let me know.

    oh and BTW I like your blog.