Saturday, 28 May 2011

Last post?

K. Aside from personal tragedies and such - which you have witnessed in real time and documented here...

...I've been slow to get back into the sound engineering stuff because I have fuck all left to be honest.
I've shared almost everything I know regarding mixing and mastering.
I don't care to get into recording techniques because as I said - use a dictaphone if that's all you have and record your shit live in your bathroom with the thing taped to the cistern if that works for you. 

I can't know about all your gear and offer advice on how to record. You have to experiment with all that yourselves. If you want to spend money on studio time and engineers and that, just use your head and only use a space and people you are comfortable with.
If you're doing it at home, be creative with what you have. I dunno - that's all I can say on it really.

Or you know - just use DAW's and samples and be 100% electronic because it's fucking EASIER.

- or be abstract as fuck because that's even easier again (less lucrative though).

Sorry - I really wasn't on a downer when I started this, but I feel my mood and tone dragging a bit.

I'm just sad is all, that I don't seem to have anything more to contribute blog-wise and that the fucking awesome prospects that kicked off when I started this seem to have been shattered pretty much.
My own doing, I know... same as just about anything in life.

But yeah. Anyway. I guess I could do you a course in 'djing' but I would just be ripping off Frank Broughton and Bill Brewster.

Let me know. Tell me what you want from me. Encourage me. 
I love you guys very much and I want to keep interacting - even if all the romance is ballsed up possibly beyond repair. :[


  1. It seems to me that life has fucked you in your ass. Am I right? Cheer up and pull your pants back up! Get ready for ass fucking round 2 because isn't that how life works?

  2. Wait Mrs. ...panties up or down?

  3. Come on PyrON!! Dont let that brilliant mind of yours go to waste! Dont just throw in the towel when you think you got no more in ya! I believe in you! :D

  4. at least youve been honest.
    you should post happy posts, happy posts are good

  5. Thanks you guys. I will take it all on board - pants up or down.

  6. Just hit it hard when you feel up to it again. You've got some nice fans, willing to wait a bit and such, no?

  7. Just quit, you worthless piece of shit.

  8. Thanks D4.

    Or... what she said.

  9. You keep posting whatever you feel like, and I'll fucking read it. And I hope you keep posting. And I'll sure as fuck keep reading. Peace at you, bro. And stay up. Because there's a shit load of stuff that can overwhelm and drag you down, but I've got your back.

  10. You're my boy! And I;m fucking druuuuuuuunk