Monday, 9 May 2011


My head is still ringing (in a good way) from beers and wine last night so I'm a just go ahead and rip this shit up before sobriety kicks in.

Zombie that kick ass motherfucker has fallen for the blog award spam shit.
But since he rilly is such a dope motherfucker and reappropriated [edit: that word is shit hard to type when in still-a-bit-drunk mode] the award spam and all that shit - and even placed me TENTH in his top ten (*tenth* you prick wtf?)

So anyway.

The rules for this Zomtastic award are are:

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell us some things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers.
  4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award.
  5. - something that didn't copy/paste.
Thanks Zombie you rule. You live at [Since when is there a 'man', man?]

What don't you know already? I am an out of work alco sound engineer with a penchant for ... I don't even fucking know I just wanted to use that phrase.
My ex gave me a booty call last night which I didn't realise until four hours later - a 'watcha doin' text, to which I replied: 'I am trying to answer you without my phone giving me a headache. That's about it.'
Nothing else you need concern yourself with. Oh. I made some fucking amazing scrambled eggs this morning - didn't even need seasoning so FUCK YOU Michel whatsyername.

3. Erika brbgoinginsane
Max Power at whatever
Ed-word - somethingto ditract something something . Hang on...
Josh at I Cant Stand F∆
CPH - 365 Reasons to Kill yourself (because why the fuck not?)
[Man I am bored with this...]
amBored with the games and shit
Kim Anders
[Is that ten yet?]
[Aww man.] - just because there's a long ass comment from a while back even tho she didn't come back as far as I know even though she said she would. [even though, though]. is probably the shittest blog of all time - I only just saw what it was now from Erika's fanpage. And what the fuck? Just google image search 'funny fucking pics' man. What a waste of valuable Internet space.

4. I totally can't be arsed doing that. But maybe I will in a sec.

What was five, really?
There wasn't a five. Can it be get drunk again?


  1. Lol. I'll keep the chain-o-spam going. Thanks for the plug. And knock back a few drinks for me.

  2. Turns out I did eleven.
    I need to lie down.

  3. I have actually won those random spam awards a few times but this time I decided to write about it because I was bored and figured what better way to fight spam than with more spam! Only this time my spam is Zombie flavored and will probably get you sick. Besides I figured you would be more suited to get a Zomtastic award than a retarted 'Sunshine award'. lol. And there is a 'man' in Zombies Everywhere because some douche already has the Zombies Everywhere name taken who hasnt updated since before George Bush was president...

  4. lol'd. thanks - i may as well do it since all the cool kids are.

  5. Yeah, I've never really been into the whole award spam thing either but I am really touched that you would award me one all the same. <33333 ilyyyy

  6. I'll keep this damn chain of spam continuing, but obviously like, I'm awesome and can't see how anyone else could possibly win, so like, it might be 10 nominations of myself, just to really drive that point home.

    you also didn't link any blog properly haha, I'm definitely misspelling your name on purpose for my response spam

  7. you're also obviously going to receive my nomination

  8. pff.. that sucks. i also like rinnsgames lol.

  9. HAHAHAHHA that sounds like a hell of a night bro. a Hell of a night

  10. I might give it a go with this reward thingy :] thanks for the "nomination" hehe :D

  11. Ah, some of you shit commenters amuse me greatly.
    No probs Janez - I insulted your blog even in your own comments if you'd care to pay attention.

    And Malkavian, yep a HELLUVA NIGHT man!
    I got drunk and received and sent a text. HELL OF A NIGHT!

    Paul also read very little but his comment is at least the most appropriate of the three of you.

  12. Is this shit still workin cuz i am in.