Sunday, 9 September 2012

17 Seconds

Just trying to relax.
Shit is fucking stressful at times. Fun at times. It's a rooller fucking coaster and I'll ride that fucker until the rail runs out and we drop a thousand miles or meters or whatever it takes to kill.

I like suicide.
Fuck it I like it.
I've never done it actually. Might have tried stfu.
But I caught one of them films I seen already about Ian CCurtis the other night and a few other things very much related to suicide the next few days. Made me wonder.

I'd recently downed a shit ton of whiskey and for no decent reason grabbed at a three-blade loaded blade to try and rip those fuckers out and drag em across my wrists.

I recalled appalled in the morning, wondering why the fuck I would contemplate such a thing. But I did. But I couldn't extract the blades (design I guess) so I just went and fell asleep drunk on the sofa.

On the whiskey tonight I was 'surfing youtube'. came across

Left a comment:

Joy Division rip off.
Ian is dead and beautiful.
Fuck, Robert... fucking ouch! wtf happened you to yourself? At least Ian Curtis had the good sense to kill himself ffs!

Left a comment - wait I saidf that (I was onthe whiskey member?>)
It's good music. But Rob should have either killed or reinvented himself that's all. Fuckin Jesus Roibert. Fuckin hell. alruight back to the booze. gnight.


  1. You can't drink more whiskey if you succeed in slashing open your wrists.

  2. I ain't dead yet, and neither should you be