Friday, 31 August 2012

generally disgruntled

So now I'm mildy specifically disgruntled. Music not quite loud enough - FNM Jizzlobber, shit quality etc.
But I was going to dedicate to Gen Dist. and fuck you man. Don't reply to me. Don't be on the fucking internet or shit.
Fuck you.
I was going to write a glowing report of you in spite of that fact I hadn't got to read your awesome stuffs properly but you're still hanging around like the bad smell I fucking know you are.
The kind of bad smell that some woman would fucking suck up through her lady-bits or could infiltrate a whole bar in such a way people would take notice - in a 'good' way (or probably bad, but some could fucking adore).

I appreciate it, I DO, but you're something I'll never really get to because I'm only on line once in a while. MOTHERFUCKER you're worth a shit ton more than that.

I think that's all I can say. ffs fuck OFF. I love you.


  1. Also D4 fucker! You're still here too apparently. You've never shared anything very personal, so no personal flame for you, but next time I want some ElectRONIC music I will hit you up - promise.

    1. I just don't share anything personal on D4AM, there's material though. Also, I don't really dedicate to electronic but hey, if that's your deal there's a tag for you too. Lol. Silly PryON.