Wednesday, 6 July 2011


K. So. And everything.

I know I've been absent and practically living in the 'sad corner' and avoiding all of this and no offense, but Erika just posted and suddenly I have energy again.

Whatever we've been through and all. And all everything else.

But huzzah motherfuckers.

If that's a link I will kill myself.

No matter I've said I'd kill myself over various innocuous events many times over the past week or two but never meant it.

Just wanted to let y'all know and hopefully I'm na get myself out of my funk.
That first guide and everything that went with it rocked my world.
Maybe too much and I guess I needed the break.
Stoked now but, so DJ guide on the way?
Mmmm.... let's hope ffs DJ guide on the way.


  1. Not only a link but a broken one.
    Consider me dead.

  2. the sad corner is the happening place to be. All the cool kids are there

  3. yeah dude, I was about to say that link is busted. lol. Anyway, it is weird to have Erika back. things were too normal with her gone. :P

  4. Welcome back. Heh.

    I hope my previous emails didn't upset you too much. And we can get over this shit.

    Glad to see I've inspired you to come back though. I'm sure you've been missed.

  5. Look forward to your posts! :D