Tuesday, 28 June 2011


There's so much shit that bubbles inside of me that I can't disclose.
It hurts a little.

Needless to say - I went on my 'trip'. I wasn't jailed and didn't do much that would warrant such. And I'm back.
And I wish I wasn't back but I am. I would far rather live in the streets and forage for free food wherever and whenever and beg for coins for booze to share with a special companion or two than be here and lost and lonely and have only my bed to comfort me.

I've been sleeping up to 15 hours a day since I got back and looking at only one screen - the snowy tv signal - even snowier since I threw the rabbit ears across the room and haven't bothered since, to position them for a decent signal.

Sorry, I promised my 'come back' post would not be depressing, but sick from the sleep and tv and self-pity, I finally got this machine back up and had to post *something*.

I hope to motivate myself, ignore the down and give a half decent DJ-guide starting pretty soon.

Thanks to those who commented while I was absent

ZombieMrs. PickleedD4Generally DisgruntledZombie (again), Drivebot (maxpower)

Y'all rock. Let's catch up soon.

I don't feel it's over. Let's get this motherfucker rolling.

Also: Steve Reich - Different Trains, am I Reich?


  1. I'm sorry you are feeling like shit :(

  2. Hey!! Great to have you back man! Starting to get a little worried for a sec. In any case, cant wait for more posts from ya! :)

  3. Depressing indeed. I wouldn't mind begging on the street for booze. I could go for that right now, actually.

  4. I have also been sleeping a lot lately. Like upwards of 12 hours a day. Apparently it can be a sign of depression, but whatever. Glad to see you back, even if you don't want to be. Curious where your trip was. Stay up, bro.

  5. Good to see your back, sorry you didn't get as much out of your trip as you'd hope. Sounds kinda like a hobby would be a good thing to look into right now.

  6. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  7. 'Depression' maybe GD.
    I think of it as a 'low'. Fuck all going on after so much activity.
    Who knows? I do have 'issues', but to start getting into diagnosis is boring. I'd rather just go batshit and be done with it.

    I'm coming out of the lull though, I think.

  8. welcome back!
    im sure things will get better,
    maybe do some video guides

  9. Depression is scary, try to lay off bad thoughts ") hope you feel better soon. Great Post!

  10. Word. Then again, sleeping a lot might not be depression. I may not be "depressed," but I'm feeling low myself.

  11. a DJ guide would be sick! i recently spent a few days in county myself but it was nice to sleep 14 hour days :O glad to be out though