Monday, 15 August 2011

Update - another trip.

Fuck me. So sorry all. I went on a 'shopping' City break recently.
Got in a bit of bother. Not much, but funny that I actually purchased a hoodie and scarf before my trip considering the amount of fucking gear I 'obtained' while away and the amount of sports shops with 'free' hoodies I visited.

I have no interest in sports goods, so I just threw nikes in burning vehicles mostly.

I should holiday elsewhere but I do love that city.

Can't go into too much more detail, but just to let you know I will be back on the dj thing pretty soon.

Also, I love you fuckfaces. Catch y'all up in time.


  1. You had fun yeh? And yay, you get ON that dj thing. Also, you're my favorite fuckface. But I guess that as of right now you're the only person I'd call that, even still, you should feel special.

  2. See, that makes me super fucking curious. Good to see you back

  3. I see what you did there....

    I can't believe you didn't come see me while you were in the area.

    Talk on Gtalk!!

    Hopefully I'll catch you online. I've missed you!!

  4. Sorrow were ever razed, and testy wrath. Supporting!

  5. I sure wish we could have free shopping breaks like that here in America if you get what I mean. lol.

  6. Coverage of the deep discount sale going on in England reached us here in Southern California :)

  7. thanks for reminding me i need to get some winter clothing